Get Involved

FORHB offers a number of ways that you can get involved in contributing to the health of the Hout Bay River system.

Donate your time

  • Watch out for upcoming FORHB events and offer your time and expertise.
  • Donate your skills or a service. You could assist with: administrative work; provide computer and communication support; photographic support; graphic design; expert advice, opinions and designs.
  • Spread the word. Please spread the word by Liking FORHB on Facebook and share our Facebook page with friends.


Donate resources

  • To employ a team of trained alien river clearers. We currently have 2 trained alien clearers who work under the mentorship of the City’s river clearing arm We require wages for these workers.
  • To employ a security guard in the estuary area between the beach and Princess Rd.
  • To design and manage the yearly Admin, Marketing and Communication activities plan.
  • To purchase project essentials such as tree poppers, herbicide, adding plants to a rehabilitation area and creating pedestrian boardwalks in wetland area.
  • Donate plants to the various rehabilitation projects.
  • Donate your gardener to an event e.g. alien clearing at events or once a month to a project.