Friends of the Rivers of Hout Bay

Friends of the Rivers of Hout Bay – FORHB – is a Hout Bay, Cape Town, South African based NPO dedicated to the rehabilitation and conservation of the river system in this fragile ecological area. The approach is that of supporting, implementing and managing action projects, identified, led by and made up of volunteering members of the public (the Friends), environmental agencies, experts and official governmental and municipal partnerships.

Our Mission

Friends of the Rivers of Hout Bay is a non-political, transparent and inclusive organisation with a mission to
  1. clean up and avoid future pollution
  2. remove invasive species
  3. rehabilitate areas of the wetland and river
  4. prevent and reverse canalisation
  5. curtail unnecessary abstraction

in our river system and wetland through our action projects and plans.

Encouraging Biodiversity

In so doing, our river system will be allowed to return to a state that is as natural as possible. These actions will encourage biodiversity and uncover dormant local seed banks, prevent future flooding and provide natural filtration systems, whilst simultaneously allowing for healthy leisure space and providing educational opportunities for our whole community and visitors to the Hout Bay Valley.

River Zones

We may observe the following zones in the Hout Bay rivers – estuary, wetlands, lower reaches, middle reaches and upper reaches.


Join us in this vital undertaking to ensure a clean, beautiful, bio diverse rich river system for the future of our children and our precious environment.


Clearing and avoiding alien species, preventing canalisation, pollution and abstraction are out primary objectives.