Species discussed by Lee Jones below refer to the Baviaans River, but would apply to the Hout Bay River too.

“The flora described here should occur within 10 meters of the middle of the river.

Species underlined may not be indigenous to Hout Bay but all are indigenous to the Cape Peninsula (refer to Coates Palgrave, 1988 – Trees of South Africa).

It is my opinion that most of the trees in the Hout Bay area were cut down during the 17th to 19th centuries for boat-building and other endeavours. I believe (given the distribution of these species) that it would be likely that all of these tree species would have been present in this sort of habitat in Hout Bay prior to colonisation.

There does appear to be some confusion regarding Salix hirsuta (I understand that this species is now considered to be a subspecies of S. mucronata). The most readily available and the species most likely to have occurred (or which are present) in this river corridor are indicated with an asterisk.”

Lee Jones Indigenous Vegetation Consultancy

Recommended Riparian Tree Species

Apodytes dimidiate

White pear

Celtis Africana

White stinkwood

Cunonia capensis*

Butterspoon Tree / Rooiels

Halleria lucida *

Tree Fuchsia

Kiggelaria africana *

Wild peach

Ocotea bullata *

Stinkwood, Black stinkwood, Cape laurel

Salix mucronata / hirsuta  – Cape Safsaf willow or Cape silver willowBrabejum stellatifolium – Cape Bitter Almond or Wild Almond

Chionanthus foveolatus *

Fine leaved ironwood, Pock Ironwood or Bastard Ironwood

Diospyros whyteana *

Bladder-nut, Swartbas

Metrosideros angustifolia

African holly, Cape holly, Wild holly, Watertree

Olea europaea subsp. africana *

Wild olive, Olienhout

Rapanea melanophloeos *

Cape beech or Boekenhout

Sideroxylon inerme

White milkwood

Larger Species for use along the “Toe” of the River Channel

Chrysanthemoides monilifera

Bietou, Tick berry, Bosluisbessie, Weskusbietou

Senecio halimifolius


Rhus lucida

Waxy Currant Blinktaaibos


Smaller Species for use on the banks and away from the fast stream

Eriocephalus africanus

Wild Rosemar, kapokbos


Felicia spp

Blue Felicia


Pelargonium capitatum

Rose Scented Pelargonium


Helichrysum cymosum

Gold Carpet


Ruschia macowanii



Tetragonia fruticosa



Species for use along bank (can handle fast stream flow)

Scirpoides nodosus 

Juncus kraussii

Matting Rush


Juncus capensis

Cape Rush

 Mariscus thunbergii 

Cyperus textiles

Basket grass, Umbrella Plant

 Other Cyperaceae 
Schoenoplectus scirpoideus 

Prionium serratum



Species for use along flood shelf (Species which do not manage long periods of fast stream flow but which can handle periods of inundation)

Plecostachys serpyllifolius Cliffortia ferruginea 
Zantedeschia aethiopica Chondropetalum tectorum 
Other Restionaceae   

Shade Loving Species

Myrsine Africana Knowltonia vesicatoria 
Asparagus capensis Asparagus kraussianus 
Asparagus asparagoides Asparagus lignosus 

Solanum africanum

Previously quadrangulare